An Albany Cocktail: Apple Sangria, baby!

A signature Albany cocktail must include apples in some form. Must. And with the cider boom happening right here Upstate and particularly in Albany with the outrageous success of Nine Pin Ciderworks down on Broadway, the venerable Ginger Man has nailed it with this:

I actually can’t believe Julie’s sharing this recipe. It should be a Manhattan project-level heavily guarded secret. That said, I’ve attempted making it at home, following these instructions, and it’s just not quite as delicious as when I’ve sipped it at the warm, shiny G-Man bar. They make it special.

This is a perfect cocktail for the Albs in summer. Or, really, any time. I mean, ciders and white wine and prosecco and various other tasties layered in??? Come on. Please, Ginger Man, make this a year-round bar staple.

I think this cocktail would be pretty tough to beat in terms of straight-up decliciousness, but if you have ideas for an apple-centric Albany beverage, let us know. If we like, we post!