Fireworks, schmireworks. But…

Between you and me, I don’t care much for fireworks. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve seen one decent show, and that’s all you need for life. You should have that wrapped up by the time you’re five.


But Albany loves fireworks. Lurrrrrves them. (Truly — I’m lying in my bed right now typing this and just heard a Roman candle or whatever go off about four feet from my living room window.) And throughout the summer, if you live in the ALB, just tap into Facebook on any random Tuesday night and you’ll see a flurry of posts from residents asking what the hell the big fireworks show somewhere in town is all about. For a state where fireworks are illegal, we certainly have a lot of shows.

But I digress. If you’re like me and you’re in town for the 4th and kinda want to partake in the Celebration of Independence, but don’t really want to cluster beneath the rain of ash on the Plaza with a bunch of betanktopped bros and their hangers on, here’s a tip: Olde English Pub, back patio.

If you’re child free for the evening and hate throngs and love a civilized drink and sobremesa whilst sitting outdoors, (I’ve just described my core beliefs), and maybe want a little bit o’ fireworks action, head to the OE in the early evening tomorrow and settle in for drinks and excellent pub fare. What better way to celebrate our independence from Britain than to magnanimously spend it at an “English” pub? (Actually housed in the second oldest — and very Dutch — building in town.)

From what I hear, the view of the fireworks from the capacious OE back patio is thus: from that vantage southward, the buildings on the Mall part and the 787 ramps dip just so as to facilitate easy and enjoyable viewing of said colorful explosions, as well as civilized conversing and imbibing.

Get thee to the OE. Celebrate your Americanness. And our sort of Englishness. And Dutchness.